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The North of the Lake

4 hour itinerary

Have you already been on Lake Como and visited its most famous locations? Are you looking for a tour different from usual? So this itineray is for you!

You can discover the northern part of the lake, the wildest one, close to the Alpine mountains of Swiss and Valtellina. Rent a boat and you’re ready to go!

Here’s some tips:

1st stop – Bellano and Dervio

Start from our private pier closet in Varenna and head north. Reach Bellano first, a town renown for its “Orrido” (a deep ravine), then Dervio, Lake Como sailing capital city.

Be ready to fight your way through many many sails!


2nd stop – Piona Abbey

Keep cruising north  and find the Olgiasca peninsula. Here stands proud the Piona Abbey, a medieval monastery founded by the Cistercian Brotherhood.

The Abbey changed many times its appearance, but still to this day it’s one of the very few examples of the medieval Cisalpine architecture.

3rd stop – Gera Lario and Mount Legnone

Just after Piona there’s the wide Gera Lario bay, windsurfers’ and kitesurfers’ paradise. Maneuver carefully your rental boat here, safety first!

The bay area is ruled by an ancient mountain, Mount Legnone. Its 2.600 meters (7.800 ft) crown it the king of the North, overlooking the alpine passes between Italy and Switzerland.

4th stop – Menaggio and Villa La Gaeta

Now it’s time to head South again, on the opposide side of the shore. Pass by the small hamlets of Domaso and Dongo till you reach Villa La Gaeta, a Liberty style XIX century masterpiece.

Stop for a while in front of Menaggio, Mount Grona’s town, then cross the lake towards Varenna.

Last stop – Varenna

You’re almost at the end of your trip. Take your time while cruising in front of Villa Monastero’s colourful gardens, and remember, you can visit them later on by foot.

When you’re ready to come back, head towards our private pier: we’ll be there to help your landing.

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