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Tradition and Beauty

3 hour itinerary

You’re going for our most balanced option, the 3 hours boat rental, to explore Lake Como’s tradition and beauty.

In just about three hours you’ll manage to delve into Lake Como’s most famous branch, the western one, and discover its most famous location. Renting a boat will take you 5 minutes only, then you’re set!

1st stop – Lenno and Villa Balbianello

Start your trip from our private pier, just in front of our boat rental in Varenna. Reach Menaggio, on the opposite side of Lake Como, than head south and get to Lenno.

Take your time here to look at a magnificent XIX century residence, now Unesco Heritage site: Villa del Balbianello. The gardens of the Villa, sporting an ancient tree that looks like a dome, can be easily seen by boat.


2nd stop – Comacina Island

Round the Lenno cape and keep on moving south, till you reach Isola Comacina, Lake Como’s only island.

Be read to peek into its archeological wonders comfortably seated on your rental boat: they’re as old as the Roman Empire! Sail all around the island to contemplate Santo Monte di Ossuccio (Ossuccio’s Holy Mountain), which looms over it from the mainland.

3rd stop – Laglio and Villa Oleandra

Leave behind Isola Comacina and sail towards Como, while admiring the beautiful bay in front of you. Stop by for a little in Laglio, a small town lakeside: here you’ll see the famous Villa Oleandra, vacation home of American actor George Clooney.

Renting a boat you can feel like a Hollywood star… for a few hours, at least! Cross Lake Como, pass by Nesso, a hamlet overlooked by a breathtaking waterfall, and Lezzeno, then reach your next stop.

4th stop – Menaggio and Villa La Gaeta

Now it’s time to head South again, on the opposide side of the shore. Pass by the small hamlets of Domaso and Dongo till you reach Villa La Gaeta, a Liberty style XIX century masterpiece.

Stop for a while in front of Menaggio, Mount Grona’s town, then cross the lake towards Varenna.

5th stop – Bellagio

Congratulations: you’ve just found the Pearl of Lake Como. This is the town where many famous movies have taken place, like Star Wars, Once upon a time in America.

One of the best hotels in Las Vegas owes its name from it. Maneuver your rental boat along the shore and fall in love with the colourful Villa Melzi gardens and the historical Villa Serbelloni Grand Hotel. You’ve got a privileged position from the boat: when you’ll be back in your hometown, be sure to make everybody jealous showing your unique pictures.

Last stop – Varenna

You’re almost at the end of your trip, round Bellagio’s cape and cross Lake Como again, this time to return to Varenna. Take your time while cruising in front of  Villa Monastero’s colourful gardens, and remember, you can visit them later on by foot.

When you’re ready to come back, head towards our private pier: we’ll be there to help your landing.

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